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Singer Industrial Sewing Machine Take Up Driving Stud Simanco 202399


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Vintage Singer sewing machine take up driving stud. Nice vintage condition, rust free. Original, genuine Simanco part #202399. Compatible with the following industrial machines:

61W12, 61W13, 61W16, 61W18, 61W106, 61W107, 107W102, 110W100, 110W115, 110W120, 111G156, 111W100, 111W103, 111W107, 111W114, 111W115, 111W150, 111w153, 111W154, 112W115, 112W116, 112W120, 112W126, 112W131, 112W137, 112W139, 133W101, 136W100, 136W110, 138W102, 139W101, 150W103, 150W4, 153W100, 153W104, 154W100, 154W101, 211U166, 307G2, 45W51, 45W52, 47W61, 47W62, 47W66, 47W67, 49W51, 51W45, 51W46, 51W47, 51W51, 51W52, 51W53, 51W54, 51W55, 51W56, 51W57, 51W59, 52W12, 52W13, 52W15, 52W18, 52W19, 52W21, 52W22, 52W31, 61W12, 61W13, 61W34, 61W41, 61W42, 61W52, 61W62, 61W63, 61W72, 61W76, 61W84, 61W91, 61W92, 62W1, 110W126, 110W127, 110W151, 111W106, 111W141, 112W130, 112W135, 112W101, 112W119, 112W136, 112W138, 119W1, 119W5, 119W3, 119W4, 119W6, 119W7, 119W8, 131W114, 136W101, 136W102, 136W103, 136W104, 136W105, 138G101, 138W101, 142W101, 150W104, 150W2, 167W100, 167W101, 211A165AA, 211A166AA, 211A566A, 211A567AB, 211G165, 211G166, 211G265, 211G266, 211G456, 211G465, 211G466, 211G665, 211G666, 211G765, 211G766, 211U157, 211U157A, 211U165, 211U165A, 211U166A, 211U566A, 211U567A, 211W146, 211W151, 211W155, 212A141AA, 212A541AA, 212A539AA, 212G340, 212G341, 212G440, 212G441, 212U141A, 212U143A, 212U541A, 212U543A, 212W146, 107G201, 107G203, 107G253, 107G300, 107G302, 107G235, 107U, 107W4, 107W7, 107W8, 107W11, 107W9, 107W10, 107W1, 107W100, 107W12, 107W14, 107W15, 107W17, 107W2, 107W35, 107W5, 107W50, 107W53, 107W6, 111W155, 111W152, 1191W3, 1191W4, 1191W5, 1191W6, 1191W7, 1191W8, 47W68, 47W69


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